Four New Sites Launch in Saskatchewan
Posted: 10/06/2016 by Avery Kloss

As local businesses in the small towns that dot the beautiful Prairies of Canada continue to struggle to stay afloat, is proud to announce a new network of sites built to help keep those small towns unique. With the growing success of, we are officially launching four sites that complement the work already being done to spark a Shop Local Movement in central Saskachewan:,, and


We are proud to welcome City Managers (and father and daughter duo) Lorne and Lisa Smith to the family.

Lorne and Lisa have worked together on several projects in the past, both achieving their black belts in Taekwondo in the early 2000’s, and taking on small jobs to save money for Lisa’s university tuition together. Over the last 10 years, Lisa received a 4-year BFA with Distinction and a Certificate in Public Relations, became the Executive Director of a small Non-Profit, taught social media at a local college and eventually started her own Public Relations and Marketing Company, Limn Social, while Lorne -- with 30 years of retail experience -- was the Owner/Operator of a local grocery store: the Wynyard Shop Easy.

In 2015, as the Wynyard Shop Easy closed down, Lorne Smith and his wife Murielle were left searching for something else. Their daughter Lisa was introduced to through the current City Manager for The family was looking for an opportunity and a way they could help revive local commerce in their small town in Central Saskatchewan. 

Murielle and Lorne Smith with General Manager Rick Kloss at a recent training session in Saskatoon. 

“Since moving away for school, every time I went back to Wynyard, some other business was shutting down. Given the economic situation of most small towns in Saskatchewan and my interest in marketing, I was searching for something that could help, that was at the right price point for these small town businesses, to reinvigorate the local shopping scene," said new City Manager Lisa Smith. "I knew ShopCity’s platform was perfect for the area I grew up in, but needed the local partnership to make it work."

Lisa's love of working with her father and her passion for local meant she knew that she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to launch a Shop Local Movement throughout the small towns around her hometown of Wynyard.

"We know that in small towns like Wynyard shopping locally can make or break a community," said founder Colin Pape. " offers these communities a way to connect consumers with local businesses on the Internet, where people are spending more and more of their time. Launching these four sites will have a great impact on the Quill Lakes region and the unique, local businesses that call it home." encompasses Wynyard, to Foam Lake, up to Wadena and over to Watson. The Smiths are hoping to spark more camaraderie between local town economies to help make it easy for consumers to choose local, and to access information about local businesses online. 

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